Thursday, October 16, 2008

Multimembership (the bane of web community)

It was the strategy of the technocrat to defeat traditional ordinal form so as to establish a new order with themselves at the top of the food chain.

Multi-membershipping effectively prevents the membership from counting itself as a whole number and thus producing a rational form. Because there are so few stable small groups online, people go "multi-membershipping" in search of any kind of response! Multi-membershipping destroys group identity further. This syndrome is waht I call Anti-Community. Group continuity is lost in a descending spiral.

If there was anything that annoyed me more in the FOC08 course it was the idea that people could come and go whenever they wanted and do the course "at their own pace". That "own pace" got stretched a lot until people were not even doing the course work. Yet these very people were the first to sign up for facilitating. I guess they fancy themselves to be leaders of the rest of us who did the work - myself and Joy.

Multimembershipping is a nifty little device invented by the technocrat in order to control large areas of the web. It prevents people from really organizing and it just ruined the FOC08 course for me. It allows people to be uncommitted yet to have as much say as a person who is committed.

People need to learn to organize small groups of three people using traditional ordinal form before they go about designing "courses" and "conferences". I would have been happy as a lark with just three or four committed people. Even if they disagreed with me. At least we could have had a reasonable listening experience.

Absorbsion rate? Small group of 10-15 people is listenable.
each can listen to the others and be heard by the others.

Multimembershipping is mob rule. How do I m,anage multimembership? I don't multimembership unless it is to troll a forum. People who advocate multimembershipping are trolls. So what's wrong with a multimemebrship of 500 gag accounts on one forum? If the shoe fits, wear it.

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