Thursday, October 16, 2008

Changing Blogs

I am starting a new blog which will be more freestyle, engaging in a potpourri of whatever interest me personally. You can find me now at Artie's World.

I am done blogging for this "course" and am beginning a new blog. I may or may not do a thorough evaluation of everything I experienced. I think I got what I wanted out of it. I had begun work on a new website and possible forum dedicated to promoting traditional temporal and ordinal democratic organizing procedures. I needed some stimulation to get the next few pages. So personally, this "course" did this for me.

I am already getting some thoughts for evaluating the "course". First, I stumbled upon it while tagging a few writings of mine at delicious and swicki with the tag "online facilitation" or some such. I was not looking for a course but I came upon the FOC08 promotion on the day it was opening and decided that I was too late to join. But the course outline was somewhat similar to the outline I have for my website, so I set up a blog to blog along with everyone silently without being an official participant. Then when the blogging was so pitifully weak (in light of there being 113 "members"), I thought I would surface and put something on the table.

With an organized outline and along with the word "course" and "university", I imagined that there would be some temporal and ordinal form. The temporal was very much present in that the outline was dated with rough deadlines for completing the work. I am very disappointed that ordinal form was not respected during the course.

The course also got me into blogging, which is a new avenue for me. But it's not what I was looking for. I was not looking for a bunch of new platforms but better ways to communicate with people. That is what I wrote about in this blog.

I ended my work in this "course" with a boycott of the conference because people who had not done the coursework came crawling onto the open stage where they could facilitate before a television audience. As far as I count, only Joy and myself completed the coursework and should have been scheduled to facilitate an event. Daryl did the blogging but did not fulfill the requirement of commenting on the blogs. We were responsible to fulfill that task.

I think that the comment assignment should have been more specific like, every blogger must make 10 comments on each blog or even on each blog assignment.

I also think that the course would have a much greater impact if the membership were closed to a very few who qualified themselves for the coursework. Daryl could easily have qualified.

The only assignments that I did not complete were either for ethical reasons or because I was insufficiently informed about how to perform a task.

I have a ton of notes in backlog and may bring those together for a final assessment.

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  1. Hi Artie,

    I've tried to follow others blogs and HAVE made a few comments on others' blogs from time to time, albeit a little less than I would have liked ;) I don't think 'enforcing' a set number of comments would have made me comment more though.

    It's a shame you're not continuing on with the rest of the course. Whilst at times I admit to being 'frustrated' or not quite understanding where you're coming from with some of your comments, I also really value what this has brought to the group — and how it's challenged my own thinking.

    Best of luck with your other projects!

  2. Thanks Daryl,

    This was just to let people know that I will be finishing this blog up. Like I say, I have a ton of notes in backlog that I may yet do something with. But I just wanted people to know about the other blog in case they want to find me.



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