Friday, October 3, 2008

Measured Discourse

Everything in this blog could be summed up in two words - measured discourse. I say that rational discussion is measurable.

Unlike "moderation", the purpose of evaluation is not to oversee individuals but to elevate the whole community as each member serves in the role of evaluator. If I am assigned to evaluate the grammar of a discussion, I monitor all of the grammar and report at the end of the discussion.

The first benefit of this service is to myself, the evaluator. The objective is not to improve the grammar of the discussion participants, but the discussion is only an object upon which I exercise and develop my listening skills in the area of grammar.

The second benefit is to the whole group in that it affects my grammar in all subsequent discussions. So the community has improved the grammar of one member, myself. Each member has the opportunity to evaluate discussions and this role of evaluator qualifies each member (in this case - myself) to participate as a contributor to further discussions.

Through the evaluation process the group ensures that the rights and responsibilities of every member are secured.

Right to speak

Right to hear others speak

Responsibility to reply

Responsibility to listen

There are no dangling conversations, no "community" that destroys group identity, few unmeasured arguments and few irrational group responses. There are few rules that can only be measured subjectively, the focus remains upon the objectives of the discussion project. When the discussion project is finished and has been evaluated, the topic itself can be continued in yet another measured form. The subject matters can be progressively developed, so instead of rehashing the same old same old in the same old same old random form, we revisit the topic in a new form, thereby gaining a fresh perspective.

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