Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Postmasters forum

I have set up another model of a forum. Postmasters uses a guest posting area where the public has the right of way. There are no rules for the public in the guest area. PERIOD. I have written an Operator's Manual for guests that includes a set of rules prohibiting adms, mods or members from posting in the guest area except as a guest. This actually amounts to rules for everyone except guests in the Guest area! Ha!

The simplicity of the rules is the forte of this discussion board. Literally, the guest poster does not need to even read the rules, because the rules only apply to those who should be held responsible. I have followed this formula in making that determination.

No rules for the public
Few rules for members
More rules for moderators
The most rules for administrators

A guest may become an elected member by demonstrating temporal and ordinal form. The account allows people to use the Member's Lounge for random asynchronous connecting. Members can then be elected into topical groups.

The Operator's Manual for members restricts administrators and moderators from posting in the member's area with admin or mod accounts. They may only use member accounts in the members area and have no power to edit, delete or any other unapproved activity.

The only place a mod or adm may use an administrative account for posting is in an ordinal administrative meeting (Discussion Workshop). The meeting includes a program of training in a wide variety of discussion forms which enable the membership to administer their own community according to the Constitution. Only poster's who attend scheduled temporal and ordinal discussions and meetings retain their active membership. Members can inform the elected board when going inactive or be placed on inactive membership by the board (obviously for inactivity).

Read the Constitution of Postmasters

I am writing up a complete set of projects organized into modules. This program trains groups to coordinate themselves into coherent form.

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The ordinal discussion arts lead us into coherent group building and groups become the building blocks of communities.

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