Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beginning Project: Arranging Appointments

In August, I decided to learn more about making online appointments. I posted an outline of skills to practice in Arranging Appointments. Then I recieved a contact from another participant in this course who included a project plan for consideration. This person has not followed through in completing the assignment, so I have begun the project called Arranging Appointments in google groups. I would rather do this with a partner but I think that I am the only person in this course.


  1. Artie, you can sometimes be a little prickly in your messages, and seem hyper critical of others. I don't think you are doing it purposely, and it might have more to do with an impatience for the medium than the people, resulting in short and snappy messages. This might be putting people off "following through", or maybe other things came up for them. I know for me I feel a small amount of risk in communicating with you.. a small amount of fear that you are scrutinizing me. It doesn't really bother me, but less experienced people might be feeling it more perhaps..? I hope you'll forgive them and keep networking widely to increase your range of contacts who can each do little bit to help you rather than one having to do a lot...

  2. Leigh,
    I didn't realize that my messaging was short and snappy. Has it been from the start? It may be lately because I am frustrated at the low interaction.


  3. I suspect you are one of us who tend to wear our emotions on the outside. This is great! We can connect and bond this way that will carry us in the long run. I just think you need to accept that interaction here in this course will be slow and that you will feel like you are talking to yourself for a lot of the time. If you're lucky, things will emerge when you don't expect it. That's been my experience through these things anyway...


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