Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Deb posted on her blog, mediateachspace:

"I'm also not coping well with where abouts to air some of my comments. If one person publishes something that I'd like to comment on, and then someone else says a similar thing on their blog - how do I make the connection between those two people (and I may be the only link between them)"

Leigh closed the last meeting by suggesting that we also organize our own 2 or 3 person mini-meetings about the course. This is a good idea for people who need to connect the dots from one blog to another. I would really enjoy that. And remember, if we are going to have a great conference, we have to begin planning for it now, so let's start forming those groups. We could use the new GroupChat function in Gmail. Leave a note here on this post.


  1. Hi Artie,
    having just left you a crabby reply on my own blog, I though I better come over here and smooth the waters a bit!
    I'm interested in this course YES
    committed YES - but not a paying participant.
    My family is the most important thing in the world to me - and when something needs addressing there, as it has done in the last couple of weeks, then I have to put them first. I like the idea of the mini-groups to connect the dots - but have no idea how to do it? can you let me know how?

  2. Hi Deb '

    Yeah, I realized that my comments are not always right on the head and it's because of info overload. There was only enough time to skim your post and not enough time to fully process. That's been happening to me too often. I actually wanted to just leave a comment to let you know that I had read some of your blog.
    Anyway, in my experience with service communities (what people call CoP online) there are always ebbs and flows of interest. So a good CoP allows you to come and go even though you are commited for the long haul.
    Maybe a different way to interpret what I said on your blog was more like a plea for help. I came to the course late and had to scramble to get caught up. then I blogged all last week but don't even know if I belong in this community because I have not gotten any feedback. I'm not an educator. I'm here for a personal interest in the topic. But for all I know, am just knocking out a bunch of BS that nobody is even slightly interested. If that's the case then I need to know it.
    This is my first blog and I have limited experience on the web and while other people might understand eachother in this course, I am usually out on the sidelines with my wacky ideas.

  3. Hello Deb -
    I don't know much about it. But it would probably be good experience for us to figure it out. I don't think it will take much coordination to get that many people together. As I am suggesting throughout this blog, the more I look at the facts, the more I am leaning toward organizing small groups along the neighborhood of any longitude on the globe. It would allow us the greatest options for scheduling a meeting. I'm on Central Time now. I think that Bee and a guy named Bronwyn(?)are in the CST neighborhood. The further away anyone is from our longitude, the greater the difficulty to schedule. Our group would be a local/global community, stretching through one narrow longitude that would cover several national territories. What about yourself? How close are you to CST?


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